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BLFC 2016 Con Report

BLFC Con Shirt by Zhivago

BLFC 2016 was held May 12-15 at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, NV. As always, this con is always a blast for us!

We were super excited that Zhivago’s design was selected as the convention T-Shirt this year! It’s kind of like everyone who received a con shirt got some little Fandom Fashions gear in a way. It never gets old seeing people wear things we helped create.

We debuted our new booth display!

BLFC 2016 Booth

A few lucky finds and the tireless effort of some friends helped us pull together our new and improved display! We have a few more tweaks we’d like to make but the overall design is set!

@DaxterDingo in his ARF. Hat
@DaxterDingo (Twitter) in his ARF. Hat

We even had a self-checkout option for mobile users to browse even more options that we didn’t have available at the con, which was exciting.  The wi-fi was a little slow but other than the speed issues, the self-checkout worked amazingly as a way to showcase some of the other items we had available but not at the con.



We got some photos of some fashionable people sporting some of our wares throughout the con! We are super happy to see all the excitement and buzz over the hats and dresses, we had quite a few people come by after asking others where they got their items.

This con, we had a selection of Foxy Lady Dresses, a few all-over-print Tank tops and a test run of our ‘Curls Run The World’  T-Shirts in Black,

Prints! They make your walls just as fashionable as you!
Prints! They make your walls just as fashionable as you!

Cranberry, Teal and Eggplant. We also had bandannas, shotglasses,  hats and a selection of prints by Zhivago.

We got a lot of the all-you-can-eat sushi because we’re sushi fiends. We never got sick even though we heard some complaints later on at the con, so lucky us? Had our share of fun throughout the con but we kept it pretty chill.

Zhivago got a little bit of suiting in. But not enough. Never enough suiting.

HALP. HALLLLP. This is not a BLFCorp approved collar!
HALP. HALLLLP. This is not a BLFCorp approved collar!

Take a look at some of the photos we got from this year’s BLFC 2016!

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