Crazy Like A Fox in Orange

Customizable Color T-Shirt Options

We love furries.

Crazy like a Fox (Green) T-Shirt in Eggplant
Crazy like A Fox (Green) on Eggplant

We think that one of the best things about the furry fandom is the creativity it inspires in it’s members. The characters that people create are the heart of this entire fandom. Whether your character is just a part you play for fun or if it’s something more, we want people to be able to have their little things that can help bring those characters to life in an every day setting.

We are working on expanding our collection of “customizable” design options. To keep costs low and turnaround times fast, the shirt color acts as a character color rather than actual individual customization of the designs. We do not apply custom markings/modifications to the artwork at this time but watch this space! We would love to be able to make this an option available in the future.

Dragon@Heart Tee in Cranberry
Dragon @ Heart Tee in Cranberry

What if I don’t see my color listed?

See a design you like but the color you want isn’t shown? We actually have more than 40 shirt colors to choose from! Take a look at the color list below and then contact us! We’ll activate it on the site for you and anyone else who might want that color combination!

Full T-Shirt Color List


Unfortunately, we are limited to the color options available from our apparel suppliers and we do not offer any special dying/coloring services for unavailable colors. Not all colors available in all sizes.